Having been in the area of design & marketing for the past 7 years, there are a variety of services that I can offer. I try to stick to a few, since I don't want to try and stretch myself too thin.


Website Design

I have been involved in website design and development ever since before I started college. While it was a curiosity at first, it has turned into a living for me and I am very proud of the sites that I produce for my clients.

Pricing for websites ranges on the budget that a person or business has. I am flexible with the pricing and we can even set up a payment plan that will best meet your needs. Personal websites run in the range of $250 - $400 and business sites range between $500 - $1000.


Logo Design

The designing of logos is something that I really have fun with. I like to take a holistic approach with each project and really get to know the client and the messaging that they are trying to send with their brand. I am not a person who is going to just offer you a set of options and you can pick from those. I feel that the brand of a person or business should be all-encompassing and that is not going to happen with a cookie-cutter solution.

Pricing for logo design varies greatly on the project and budget. Please contact me for more pricing details.


Print Design

Having part of my degree with a concentration in journalism really got me into desktop publishing and page layout. I also think the four years that I spent in high school on the yearbook staff helped too :) I have designed menus, flyers, business cards, ads for local, regional and national publications, and even martini passports! Print design allows for an expanded palette of ideas and creativity in the messaging of the product.

In addition to the design, I am able to offer an array of printing services in both short-run and high-volume jobs. If you are looking for both design and printing, let's talk.